July 15, 2013

A Matter of Perspective

A tree almost fell on my car yesterday. Apparently while I slept, snug in my basement, quite the wind storm blew through, and when I awoke, I couldn't even see my car.

After a small heart-attack, I could see that nothing was broken, as the trunk fell no more than ten inches away from the back of the car, and I calmed down. The rear was mainly covered by smaller branches, which did no damage.

While I was loading up the car later in the day, someone drove by and said I should buy a lottery ticket, I was so lucky.

Later on I was telling someone else what had happened, and she said "Of course it's your luck that a tree would almost fall on your car." (And for tone, it was negative.)

I found the two perspectives completely hilarious.

As for me, I chose to be thankful.

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