July 19, 2013

One Year

It's been one year since I moved to Montana - one year a at new job - one year away from an amazing group of friends - one year further from my family than I've ever been.

I learned that:

  • I'm really good at program planning (or, re-learned that - I think I knew that in college.)
  • I dislike basement apartments
  • I like smaller towns
  • How to write grants
  • I like designing infographics
  • I am perfectly okay spending a good amount of time by myself
  • However, I still need community (But that community/friends like I had in DSM take time.)
  • How to ride my bike with no hands.
What I'd do differently:
  • Try more churches - I only visited three throughout the year, settled into one, and then never really felt like I had a part there, and eventually just gave up all together
  • Have more of a stable morning routine - especially when the churches fell through - I read for a while, and that was lovely, but then I fell out of that. I think living above ground will help with that again.
  • Write more - I had plenty of free time this past year, and I could have spent much more time writing. Now that grad school is looming, I wish I had more time to write (non-academically.) It's one of those things that will continually be pushed to the side for other life priorities, and I wished I'd utilized my time this past year a little better - as in, did I really need to watch all of Doctor Who? (Yes, yes I did. But none-the-less, I still could have written more.)
What I'll miss:
  • No humidity
  • Dry snow
  • The climate controlled basetment
  • No mosquitos (in the valley - they're terrible in the mountains, so I must be specific.)
  • Bluebird days
  • My co-workers, who gave me so many opportunities, challenged me and taught me so much about non-profit and community work.
Don't you worry Montana, I have a strong feeling that I'll be back after this next adventure. We're not done with each other yet.

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