June 28, 2012

The "You're Doing What in Montana?" Post

Oh hello bliggity blog. It has been a while.

As I am moving, I guess it would be a good idea to attempt to keep people up to date on my life.

A blog is fairly easy for that. But I make no promises. I'll probably post a a few times for a month and then not touch it again for another seven.

But on to the point:

Yes, I am moving to Bozeman, Montana.

Yes, I am doing a year with Americorps Vista.

Source: google.com via Liz on Pinterest

To be more specific, I will be working with Montana Campus Compact at the local YMCA. Campus Compact works to engage college students in community service and create further connections in the local community; so at the Y, part of my duties will be working with the college interns and volunteers.

Additional things that are on my plan are:

  • Help programming for summer camps include more educational elements
  • Bring in new sponsors
  • Increase awareness in general of the Y's programming & connect with more fundraising opportunities
  • Lots of other stuff. It's a fairly young Y - only eight years old, so there's lots of stuff to do!
I've loved every conversation with the staff - they just seems super excited to have me there, and really wanting to prep me to succeed. I've never had that really with a job before, and to also have a job that combines all sorts of things I either want to do, or have experience (and enjoy doing!) - it's just all so new to me!

I'll be sharing an apartment with another Americorps volunteer. How that came together is another long (and frankly rather dull) story.

I just put in my two weeks today. So the count down I suppose officially begins. I leave for Bozeman on July 15th - less than three weeks! 

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