July 13, 2012

Two Days to Go

It's Friday.

I'm sitting at the hitch store..getting a hitch installed. 

I leave for Bozeman in two days.

Today so far, I've closed a bank account, finished a friend's wedding photos, burned those to disk, uploaded a good amount of those online, prepped everything for a yard sale, gotten tables for said yard sale, picked up my car from the mechanic, and soon, will have the hitch installed. Oh, and I also picked up a new windshield wiper.

It's only 4:15.

I had a friend today say that it doesn't feel like I'm really leaving.

I agreed. It doesn't. 

But as I sit here, writing that I out, I can feel the small rise of panic start, the one that shows up whenever I do something a little scary. It's lurking there. I think I've just been too busy to notice.

I'll probably feel it more tomorrow. But it still doesn't really feel like I'm leaving. 

1 comment:

Julia said...

haha that is awesome you finished the wedding photos before you left even in your race to the end!