August 12, 2008

Part 2

Day 1-2: Des Moines to Lawrence, KS

I got started later than I had hoped, because I was still waiting for stuff to come in the mail. Lawrence was a little on the drama side because of Tim’s girlfriend. Let’s just say by the end of my visit she was no longer his girlfriend. That was more drama than I ever care to relive. It’s times like that in Lawrence that make me regret having a really close guy friend.

My one goal, other than breaking up Tim and his girlfriend (JUST KIDDING. It wasn’t my goal) was to have some good barbecue. I did. It was more meat than I’ve probably ever had. I left most in Tim’s fridge.

Tim and His Banjo

Day 3: Lawrence to Colorado Springs

This is where the real adventure begins. Going to Lawrence to hang out with Tim just felt like a weekend trip. Leaving there meant I was really doing this. And it didn’t really start off good.

When I went out to the car in the morning, the car was dead. Which was weird, I didn’t think I left the lights on. I called Tim, he came back to jump it, and it started. I didn’t think too much of it because it was my sister’s car, and her dome light was out. I thought perhaps I left it “on” but didn’t know it.

I stopped at a rest stop outside of Topeka to have my breakfast and do a little writing. Saw a convict! Cool! Saw some nice rolling hills with a train off in the distance! Cool! Thought it was weird that the doors weren’t locking (again, sister’s fancy car has electronic locks.) Uh-oh. I thought maybe the earlier jump had just thrown off the locks. I quickly realized that wasn’t the case when the car wouldn’t start again.

I ended up calling AAA. An hour and half later the poor tow guy arrived after calling me and having me explain where I was at. Apparently AAA is very bad at directions. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I had been in a hard place to find. Seriously, there aren’t that many rest stops right past Topeka. I even knew what mile marker I was at, since I was at a rest stop. Oh well, I got to talk to the cleaning staff. They were very nice.

Guess who was even nicer? The towing people. I ended up in Alma KS. As I was riding with the towing guy, he was telling me what he thought it might be—battery or the alternator. If was the battery, quick fix and I’d be out (he told me which roads to take.) If it was the alternator…well, I guess that’s how people come to live in Alma Kansas.

Anyway, this was totally a Mom and Pop garage. And luckily, it was just the battery. Three hours later, on the road again! I was going to try to stop by the Colorado Dunes, but I was now at least four hours behind, so I decided that would have to be passed.

I miraculously found Allison’s place from texted directions and in the dark. Actually, I got really close, I couldn’t figure out which house was here—the street went along the back. But I made it.

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