August 12, 2008

One Year Later

One year ago to the day, I worked my last day at Wells Fargo, packed up my stuff, spent one more weekend in Des Moines (I mean, I had to make it to the fair) and then set off for more than three weeks driving around the country. I was asked shortly afterwards what I learned, and all those sort of inner reflection questions. I didn’t really have many answers to share. In honor of that time (because, in all honesty, it’s up there on my list of favorite things I’ve ever done,) here is a post all about the trip, and some one year later thoughts.

So while my goal was to remain flexible, I did have a rough plan, and a few points of contact to give to my parents. Since I was traveling alone, I gave my parents as much information as I had laid out, phone numbers of probable stops and promised to call every day. I also always left a note in the glove compartment of where I was going, who I was with and when I thought I may return. I’m sure this did little to alleviate concerns.

This was the general plans that I gave the parents:

Lawrence-2 days with Tim
Colorado Springs-2 days with Allison Jackson
Gunnison-1 day maybe?
Arches NP/Canyonlands NP-3 days
Great Basin NP-1 Day
Somewhere in California-Camp
Oregon Coast-1 Nights
Portland-1 or 2 Nights, hostel
Seattle-2 or 3 days with Katie Shaw
Somewhere between Seattle & Yellowstone-Camp for the night
Yellowstone-1 or 2 Nights
Badlands NP-1 Night
1 Camping Day between Badlands and Des Moines?
Few days in Des Moines

There also were a few stops hoped for between areas, but this was the basic plan. I also made (for me) a pretty intense budget. Unfortunately, it could have been better. Or I could have been better at keeping track of things. Whichever. However, I had budgeted to spend 1550 on the trip. I’m not sure exactly how much I was under. I know I was under, but I didn’t keep that good track. I did end up spending WAY more than planned on car stuff.

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