August 1, 2008

from the world of google maps

there is something i've wanted on google maps forever. every once and a while, i use google maps, and go, "wow, that's new" and most of the time it's a great new feature. that happened yesterday:

i present, google maps with a "walking" choice:

point of note: it's still in beta. but i'm excited about this. another feature that they added was the multiple stops for a trip. they've actually had it for a while, but i usually found it very slow. so this new way of doing multiple stops seems great. my only complaint thus far is you can only see mileage/time for the whole trip. if i want to see just part of the trip (like how far it is from bismarck to lander) i have to remove all the other stops. which is kind of a hassle. it would be great if i could sort of just "deactivate" those stops, look at the time and reactivate them for the whole trip. or they could just have that information above each direction set.

Edit: This did eventually happen. Go improved technology!

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