August 14, 2008

Day 4: Colorado Springs

Got to know Allison. Decided she was really cool. Before staying with her, I had literally met her once for about a half an hour. While hanging out with Allison learned about the AIGA conference and volunteering, which lead me back to Colorado two months later to hang out with Allison some more.

Day 5: Colorado Springs to Moab, UT

I took the scenic route out of town along Highway 24. Allison confirmed that this was the good way to go. And it was good. I stopped at Wilkinson (?) Pass to eat breakfast and write a little, before the troopers station even opened. I did a little walking around, and saw the other side of Pike’s Peak way off to the east. I was the first person to sign the guest book that day!

At the Pass

Later on the road, the oil light starter to flicker on and off. Strange. Driving on I70 was crazy, all I wanted to do was look around at the mountains, not zoom along at 70 miles an hour.

Best scenic area in the state—Glenwood Canyon. Sweet goodness.

Second best—The northern part of Hwy 24 is completely surrounded by 14er’s. Really beautiful.

As soon as I got into Utah, the oil light started flickering again. I stopped at the first rest stop to put more oil in. Managed to drop lid in the engine. Great. After about ten minutes of digging my arm in an engine in the heat, some man with long arms finally offered to get it out.

Made it to Moab eventually. Camping was full, which I wasn’t too surmised by. And actually the camping along the Colorado River was probably closer to the entrance of the park than the campgrounds in the park. And way, way cheaper. It was crazy camping in the canyon, because all I could think was how big it was, but then I would think about how this goes on to become the Grand Canyon. I couldn’t really fathom it, it was that large already.

CD for this portion:
Live Coldplay. I was repeating this one so much at this point of the journey, that when it comes on now, all I can see are red mountains and cliffs. And I get a little nostalgic.

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