August 1, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Begin

I have so many things beginning (and thus ending) right now.

I'm still beginning a marriage. We've been officially doing life together less than three months. It's still strange and new and challenging. At the same time, it feels like we've been doing this since we first met severn (or is it eight?) years ago.

I'm finishing my summer and starting my last year of grad school. Unfortunately, there is little time in between for a break, which is hard for a person who likes time to transition. But it can't be helped. We're moving my busiest week of the summer, there's tons of group courses to run and I'm on my own leading our staff on the last trip of the summer. (Insert more boring job stuff here.) I'm starting to look for a job for the spring. Basically, it's a lot. It's from one flood to the next.

Last year, right before school started I signed up to run a marathon. I made it about two weeks of training before school got too time consuming. I haven't officially signed up this year, but I have began the training, with a race in mind. Because I like goals and challenges. I want to say I've ran a marathon. And I want to do one now. Will I make it? I don't know. Putting the money down would help me fully get on board, but I don't want to waste it like last year.

Point is, there is a lot of change. We are navigating doing all this as two people, when in some ways it was easier as one - Do I want to do a marathon? Great, signed up. What job should I take? Great, that one across the country looks perfect.

We move forward through trial and error, re-orientating ourselves still towards "us" rather than "me." It's better that way.

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Melissa Wilcox said...

I totally remember having to get used to the "us" versus the "me". You can do it!! Thanks for sharing!!