February 13, 2014

An Introverts Dilemma

To be honest, I handle constant being "on" better than I used to. I used to need alone time at least once a month. But since I started grad school, and more specifically, since B moved out here, I don't think I've had one day completely off. Which makes it 5-6 months, depending on how you count it. And to be honest, I didn't need one in a "I'm going to break down in a pile of tears and snot" sort of way. It was more of: "I haven't had a day completely OFF from everyone in a long while. That would be nice."

I searched the calendar for a time when that could actually be scheduled, an act that proved futile. Here's the problem with being engaged, but not living together yet (and I supposed being busy with work and school): when we aren't doing work/school things, we make the time to hang out with each other. And my semester is currently so busy, I wasn't really willing to sacrifice those times together.

However, the weather cooperated in my favor: we got dumped on yesterday and today. School/work was canceled after noon yesterday, and canceled all day today. Just the 24 hour break I was looking for.

Friends invited us to hang out last night. I wasn't completely unwilling, but I was already in sweats, and fairly set on at least the afternoon and evening by my lonesome, as I assumed B would want to get home to shovel the drive and wouldn't leave after that. I was faced with a bit of dilemma - hang out with friends who are likely moving in a few months, or continue into my introverted cave? Fortunately, everyone was fairly understanding (and given the roads, we probably made good choice to stay put for the night.)

B ended up having to work today, despite really wanting a snow day himself, so I went out and brought him Thai food. I'd been home alone for the 24 hours I needed, so I was ready to be "on" again. I don't need the breaks as much as I used to, but I still need them, occasionally.

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Susannah said...

As an introvert myself I completely get this!!! I'm glad you got your time to yourself! :-)