June 12, 2014

Catching Up

It turns out grad school, planning a wedding, and working 20-30 hours a week makes one fairly busy. But this summer, all I have is 20 hours of work. There's so much I'd like to do, including writing more (and editing what I have written.)

I figure a general update would be a good first "to do." I've borrowed the format from my friend Natalie at Little Things, Big Stuff.

Cooking: Lots of food. Since I'm working on the less than the 20 hour average, I've taken care of the food most nights. I made Balsamic Quinoa (essentially this recipe from The Pioneer Woman) and it was a smashing success recently. I'd make it again in a heartbeat, and it's easy to switch to vegan.

Drinking: lots of water, with all this running.

Reading: I just finished Love is a Decision and The Total Money Makeover. I just started Grace Filled Marriage. All of these were books we were given at our wedding. I'm hoping to get more books in (and not all marriage themed!)

Wanting: to accomplish a lot this summer. In an ideal world, I'd find time to do all the house stuff I've taken on (because I have the most time,) work, train for another half-marathon, edit my book, blog, read a book a week, cook, get ahead on school reading for the fall, and generally ease into married life. Somehow I don't think that's going to all actually happen.

Wasting: way too much time in the mornings. I generally wake up when B does, but I lay around, unless I need to run before going into work. Once he's gone, I again, spend more time doing little productive.

Enjoying: even more BBC period dramas. I basically finished Land Girls, and I just started Island At War (which I've enjoyed a great deal.) Thanks Netflix!

Loving: our deck. Our apartment is tiny (all told, probably only 300 sq. feet.!) But it comes with a long deck the whole length of the house we rent from, and it's covered by the roof and the upstairs deck, so we can sit out there every evening.

It started pouring as I wrote. There's a mountain behind all that.

Learning: how to be married to an extrovert. Okay, well, maybe not always loving it - for instance, we have VERY different ideas of an ideal Saturday morning. But it's new, and we're learning about each other. So it's still wonderful.

Hoping: that we make wise decisions now, primarily finically, so we can do all the things we want to do in the future (pay off our loans, buy a home, adopt, travel, etc.)

Needing: to be more graceful, with myself and with my husband.

Smelling: lots of rain. It's rained almost every evening or afternoon this past week - usually briefly.

Feeling: contented.

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