January 26, 2013

This Week

While I was home, almost a month ago now, someone (ahem, a Miss Julia Lovan, who I will say doesn't exactly frequently update her blog either,) suggested I should update my blog more, even if it's more photos.

Well. I don't have any photos for you. But it has been a good week, so I thought I would share what I was up to this week.

I finally made it back to church after checking out a few others in town, and not liking them any more. Afterwards, I went on my first "long" run of four miles. Soon, I'll be wishing for the days of four mile runs as a long run.

Then, Vista potluck, where all three new vista's came. There was baked brie. And fried rice. And way too much food. We played a few rounds of Bananagrams and then watched Downton.  I then finished off the day with a phone call. An all-around nice Sunday.

The heat broke over the weekend at work, so after our staff meeting, I headed out to work from home. Everyone else has tiny offices that they could shut the doors to and turn on the space heaters, but as I work out front in the main room, there was no way to get warm. And I've got to admit, I loved working from home, with no one calling the phones, or walking in. I drank raspberry tea and got my stuff done, while wrapped in a blanket.

That evening, I went to my Master Gardener class up at MSU, where we talked about Botany! And plant reproduction! And roots! Iowa was name dropped, so my heart was happy.

The heat was still broken at work, but I ran errands in the morning and then moved into my boss's office when she left. I only had to sit in the office for a bit, and then I headed up to MSU to run our program we're doing up there with my crazy three and four year olds.

It all went much smoother than the first week. Most of my kiddos returned and everything felt much more on target, I guess than the first week. I also was much less exhausted afterwards and managed to go for a run.

The heat was still out at work. But either it really was warmer in the office or it was Stockholm Syndrom, because it didn't feel that bad. Either way, it was fixed by the afternoon. And really, I'm thankful the heat didn't break the week before when the temperature was hovering around zero.

And, as for the "Big Questions" (aka, What are you Doing After July?) - I still haven't made a final decision, but I have eliminated an option: I won't be staying in Bozeman. I love my job, and that is honestly the hardest thing to give up, but I have confidence that I can find something similar that I love. I am pursuing a few things in Des Moines (perhaps with the Y there, and I'm applying for a different Americorps postion) as well as keeping grad school in North Carolina an option. (I should know if grad school continues to be an option next week.)

So, nothing finalized. But one less option.

Busy with lots of fundraising stuff at work. It's almost a month until the dinner and auction, so we are on the hunt to actually get those auction "yes's" into our hands.

I then went off to MSU to spend time with my crazy-in-a-different-way kiddos (second and third graders this time.) Every single one returned from the week before. And again, I went to bed with my heart happy. I really love getting to spend time with these kids each week.

Oh, and I fit in a run. Whew.

Oh, hi there! It's a day when I feel like I can look cute, because I have no sports to teach, no run to go on, and I'm freshly showered.

I was busy with more fundraising stuff and working on our summer guide, which I'm in charge of, and I have a week and a half to finish up.

I started listening to The Lone Bellow, because of several friends mentioning them. They're good. If you like folksy/country-ish music, I'd recommend them. (Side note: this might be the nearest to its release date that I've ever listened to a new band. Wow. I feel so on it now. Thanks friends for telling me about it.)

It apparently was "Free Food Friday" or, I suppose also, as one of our swim coaches called it "Fat-Ass Friday." We had pizza donated by a local radio station, as the "non-profit of the week" and then I went to a Mexican place in Belgrade with the CEO and her son, which was shockingly good for the combination of Mexican and Belgrade. And she treated. And I came home with a whole uneaten pizza. Whew. It's a good thing I'm running again.

Saturday: (Today)
I slept in until 8:30. It did actually feel great. Shortly, I'm off to help with child-care at Project Homeless Connect. After that, I will likely do my long run of five miles, since it will be warmer today than tomorrow.

After crashing from the run, I don't have much on my agenda, though I've had cravings for cinnamon rolls lately, so I might start a batch of those for Sunday.

This all ended up very long, and probably not all that interesting to...well..anyone. Happy Saturday all!

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