August 15, 2012

Thirty By Thirty

I've been thinking of my "Thirty before Thirty" list, for some time now. Here they are, all typed out, for the world to see.

(Some of them by their nature push back others, so as of now, there is the flexibility to be a "Thirty before I'm done being Thirty" list.)

1. Climb a mountain - done as of 7/18/12 (Mt. Helena) (Not an insane hike. But none-the-less, I summited a mountain.)
2. Change careers - done also roughly of 7/18/12. Hello Montana!
3. Grow a moderately successful garden.
4. Read Anna Karenina (I've started a number of times and always quit. Must finish.)
5. Become a registered foster parent. (Did you know you can be single and a foster parent? Hurrah, something I can actually do!)
6. Pay off my student loans.
7. Get an animal. (Crazy cat lady, here I come!)
8. Return to being car-less.
9. Make a quilt.
10. Visit four more states (which would put me at 30 visited.) - 30! with a trip to Maryland for a conference!
11. Go to Grad School (This I'm willing to skip for a good solid career change, and getting my student loans paid off.) - done (well, started) as of 8/2013
12. Make edible gnocchi (not from a box, I can do that.)
13. Bike more. (I know, terribly vague.)
14. Learn how to actually do basic mechanical work on a bike - Done during my time in Bozeman
15. Write more letters
16. Design some cards to write said letters
17. Skinny dip (because after thirty is just too old to be doing such things. I think.) - Done June 2014
18.  Begin helping my parents retire.
19. Read more books.
20. Wear my little black dress.
21. Eat more veggies, and less meat. - Accomplished as of moving to Montana. Continue to keep up.
22. Write more stories.
23. Get through one round of editing the stories that are already written.
24. Be more confident.
25. Hike somewhere to watch the sunrise. - Done Door County, WI, July 2013
26. Make my own jam. As in the condiment, not the music.
27. Go fly fishing and actually catch something.
28. Make a sandwich-quality loaf of bread.
29. Sit on the computer less.
30. Keep a better budget.


Anonymous said...

Liz! Will you be my pen pal? Also... I love your list. :)

Liz said...

Yes! of course :)