February 16, 2011

8 Month Update

As is usual for any consistancy with me and blogging: There isn't any. Lo' and behold: roughly eight months has passed since I last blogged. Here are some highlights:

  • I ended up working all of September and October at the Farmer's Market. Still loved it, but if that keeps up this upcoming summer, I will have a coffee addiction.
  • In August I started a new job downtown. The best part? Bikes and public transportation.
  • In October, I turned 26.
  • Also in October, I applied for grad school in Outdoor Education at the University of Edinburgh. 
    • I found out in February that I was accepted.
    • I probably can't afford it, but it was still an honor to accepted.
    • But I still want to go. Money? Hello? You don't grow on trees? Even when I refuse to go in debt?
  • I put a bunch of stuff on at remixstudio on Etsy. I've banned myself from starting new projects until I get rid of old stuff.
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, the usual. We had a cocktail New Year's at the house. It was delightful.
  • The New Year had barely started when I got mildly obssesed with the garden.
  • I discovered (aka, a roommate told me about it) Pinterest. It's helped spur on creativity and ideas, even with a dull job.
  • I've read a lot of books. Scratch that, I've listened to a lot of books at work: All of the Harry Potter books, The Hunger Games, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Heyday. Started several others that I just got too bored with for listening to while working.
    • I actually have read a lot of books too. I won't list all of those.
  • I learned how to knit. I learned how to crochet my freshman year of college, did that obsessively for about two years, and then decided knitting had more variety. It just took me this long to sit down and learn.
  • I've found myself enjoying more and more BBC period shows, and even a BBC mystery show. My fifteen-year-old self is very, very confused.
Because of my actually having learned stuff recently about gardening (and my constant talking other people's ear off about it...) I had some requests to write about my garden escapades, if I could so call them. So I'm hoping to blog a bit more. Then again, maybe it will be another eight months.

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