February 10, 2010

The Saga of the Electronic Tuner

{Heaven. Heaven with a poor landscaping}

I love the house my roommates and I rent, I really do. It really couldn't be more perfect for the three of us. Except for one thing: Things seem to disappear here. Now, most of those "things" seem to be scissors, and they usually turn up in the black hole which is more commonly known as the green couch. But, occasionally, other things disappear too. For example, my electronic tuner, but first I need to back up a little bit.

Winter is trying to kill me. Everything I want to do right no, needs to be done outside, which winter is preventing quite well. Things I'd rather be doing: riding my bikes, hiking, walking anywhere, planting vegetables, heck, I'd even mow the lawn. I can't do any of that, unless I have a death wish. I considered going on a winter hike this past weekend at Maffit Reservoir, but I couldn't find a companion, and it's my goal in life to show Maffit Reservoir to everyone, so I didn't waste the trip. Then it snowed six more inches; my boots can handle a lot, but I cannot manage a hike in knee-high snow. I should have gone to the lake on Saturday...

{Does anyone else in Des Moines know about Maffit Reservoir?}

So, I decided I should get back to learning the guitar, because I'm two steps from going insane, and I need a hobby. Unfortunately, I'm lacking in the follow-through department; I've been "learning" to play the guitar since I was a senior in high school, though I'm fairly certain that the total time I've worked on it amounts to 5 days. So, there's that.

But anyway, I decided to give it another shot, it's only February. I've still got plenty of winter to combat. So tonight, I went up to the nursery, and was going to sit down to play, when I realized I hadn't seen my electronic tuner since October. I know it was October, because that's when I put the plastic over the windows, and I specifically moved it away from the windows, because I know I would do something dumb like seal stuff in behind plastic for 5 months. I haven't seen it since then.

Now, the nursery room is a very small room.

{See, small}

I checked in the love seat, behind the paintings, in the mini closet, under the couch. Nothing. I looked in my room, in my drawers, in my closet, on my desk. I found a pair of pants, a missing pair of scissors, and two pairs of underwear (don't ask.) But I didn't find the blasted tuner.

As I was cleaning my room in attempts to find the tuner, also noticed my pack of picks was missing. Uh oh. I know my roommates haven't touched the guitar stuff, they mainly just tinker with the piano. And I asked them, just to make sure. Nope.

So, I figure four things could have happened:

  1. I misplaced both the picks and the tuner. This is likely. As soon as I buy another one, everything will inevitably show up.
  2. Our house has a ghost with a thing for music accessories.
  3. One of my roommates is a sleepwalking kleptomaniac, with no recollection of taking music accessories.
  4. Someone in the dozens of people we've had over either spending the night, or over for parties has gotten a little handsy, and helped themselves to some music accessories. At first I didn't even think about this. But when I realized the picks are gone too...

Anyway, if you've read all this, well, you might just have less to do with your time than I do. Want to help me look for my tuner? Or walk through snow up to our knees?


Domestica said...

You might very well be the only Des Moinian to know where Maffit Reservoir is, while somewhere in our fair city might very well be a person who knows where your picks and tuner are.

Liz said...

Ah yes, an update: I found the picks and tuner! Both in places I had previously looked, naturally.

So that crisis is past!