November 7, 2009

Feature Saturday: Catchall Jewelry

Well, it's just as I suspected: with everything going on in my life right now, I've fallen a little behind with the features. Fortunately, I got interviews with people before November even began. Unfortunately, I didn't make drafts of the posts, so in the end still behind. So let's call this one a feature Saturday. Sure, there's no alliteration, but my sanity is still intact.

Today's Feature is Catchall Jewelry. She's a youngin' so be nice!

Tell us about yourself, name, location, what have you! 
My name is Sonia, I live in New Jersey and I'm a junior in highschool.

What inspires you? 
Anything Indian or South American. I love all the bright fun colors and beautiful patterns. I try my best to infuse my jewelry with these cultures.

How did you get into jewelry making? 
I started making jewelry about 6 years ago; I first started making earrings with paper clips.

Where do you do your crafting? 

In the living room, infront of the tv... 

Would you rather have a peg leg or a hook hand? 

I'd rather have a peg leg; it would be very hard to make jewelry with a hook hand!

I'm starting to think this questions is a little biased for crafters. Perhaps I should start interviewing someone who works with their feet. Nominations?

What are the last five songs played in your itunes?

Wires - Coconut Records , Paper Boats - Nada Surf , take me to the river - talking heads , a man me then jim - rilo kiley , work for food - dramarama

If you could do any other sort of craft, what would it be? 

I would paint/draw, or take photos.. or maybe make plushies... I'm very indecisive, there are so many cool things to do! 

Trust me, I understand!

So that was Catchall Jewelry. You can visit her Etsy shop here .

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