October 9, 2009

Feature Friday: Wire Girl

My best friend, Christine, is visiting me this weekend. We went to college together, were roommates a few times, we both got degrees in graphic design, we were both RA's. Anyway, I love her lots.

Christine is also very fashionable with her jewelry. I love jewelry, but I never wear any. But Christine always seems to have some cute earrings or a lovely necklace around.

So today's Feature Friday is WireGirl, who's stuff reminds me a lot of the sort of stuff that Christine would love. I love how intricate everything is! Just look how much detail there is...

Tell us about yourself, name, location, what have you!  
Hollis Tarr, Pottstown, PA single divorced mom of two great kids (don't all us moms say that).  I love garlic bagle chips - probably why I am still single!  Involved with the youth group at my church.

What inspires you?
Nature inspires me.  There is such an organic beauty in trees and animals.  Each is unique, like us.

How did you get into jewelry making?
I got into it accidentally. A good friend, who is also very crafty, had a pair of earrings on one time and she told me she made them.  I loved the look and went out and bought a starter kit. I then found my local bead store and the creative possibilites opened up.  After several months and viewing some of my creations, they told me I should open an Etsy store.  I never heard of Etsy before then. Since that time I have gone from simple wire wrapping to precious metal clay (PMC) and metal work.

Where do you do your jewelry making?  
That is an excellent question!  I actually have a few places.  My kitchen table, my kitchen stove (for when I fire items), my work desk upstairs, and sometimes in bed if I am working on wire wrapping at 1am in the morning.

{Wow. Just wow. I love Rubies now too.}

Would you rather have a peg leg or a hook hand? 
A peg leg for sure!  But, I would  have to get a really fancy carved one from another Etsy seller.  No plain peg legs for me, no sir!

What are the last five songs played in your itunes?  
Dive, Steven Curtis Chapman; Where were you, Todd Agnew; When did you fall in love with me, Chris Rice; In the light, DC Talk; Earthquake, Family Force 5.

Oh, Family Force 5, nice choice.

I know the jewelry market on Etsy is fairly competitive. How has that impacted your sales strategies?
It has impacted my sales strategy in the fact that I learned to go outside of Etsy, and Etsy related sites, to advertise. In addition, you have to have a quality product that is unique at a good price.  And last, but certainly not least, wonderful customer service.

If you could create something other than jewelry, what would that be? 
I love pottery and clay.  That would be something I would love to learn!

So, basically everyone should checkout WireGirl. Oh, and she also has free shipping to a whole slew of places! Nice.

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janaes jewels said...

Love all your work, wiregirl - but the Ruby necklace really LOVE that!!