September 16, 2009

Where did my photos go?

For a little background: I have no less than five email accounts:

  • One that I've had forever, which is almost exclusively used for junk and sign-ups I don't care about
  • My personal one
  • My work one
  • One for my Etsy shop & a few other things I don't care to have in my personal email
  • And one for a blog

Anyway, last night I took the time to upload tons of pictures I've been wanting to get printed, because Snapfish is offering free shipping and the first 50 prints were free. I knew I had at least one account, but I'd never used it. I created another new account, (I think) because it said it had to be a new account. I swear I used my junk email for this.

After taking forever to upload and order (which is not their problem, it's mine..that's what will happen when you have to "borrow" take what you can get,) I notice in my personal email a "Thanks for signing up" message. Weird. I didn't think too much of it.

So today, I used my personal email, and found out I could get another 50 free prints! Great, I thought. I uploaded a few, and I realized that I was uploading a lot of similar ones from the night before. So my thought was, log in to the other, junk email based account, and compare photos. I log in. There are no pictures there. Odd.

So I check the account I'm already in. Nope,  they weren't uploaded here. Well, I think, I wasn't paying a ton of attention last night, maybe I used one of those other emails to sign up. I use my work email. Holy buckets, I have a third Snapfish account. But no pictures were there either. I try the other two emails, and they couldn't log in, so unless I'm screwing up the passwords (which is a possibility) I only have three (ha) Snapfish accounts.

But still, where are my pictures from yesterday? Did I imagine everything last night? Why is this so difficult? And why didn't Snapfish send a "Confirmation" order email?

Update at 1pm:
Things have continued to get weirder. I finished doing the second batch with my personal email. And I recieved a confirmation email once the order was done. So either I imagined all of last night, or someone else got a strange email about some photos, because there is no confirmation email in ANY of my accounts from last nights order.

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