September 15, 2009


From Studio Mela on Etsy

I'm a simple things sort of gal. I'm also a reserved, don't show my emotions sort of gal. The combination of two results in my rarely seeming excited or zealous about just about anything. I, for appearances, function in neutral a majority of the time. And then, on the rare occasions when I do get excited, enough to show it, it's usually over something that no one else is excited about.

For example:

Stomping on all of the semi-rotten walnuts in our yard.
Mail. Oh man, do I love mail.
Small obsessions: see my current one with Montana (I love Montana, have I told you about how much I love Montana?)
Browsing the tag "Montana" on Flickr.
Line drying laundry.
How quiet the house is when I walk around at night.

Basically, I'm a big fan of the little things, the small moments. I think they often times can be just as significant or more so than those big moments.

What are some little things and/or moments you love?


Anonymous said...

How about when people comment on old blog posts?

Liz said...

Define like. I had no idea what you commented on. How about liking responses to old comments on old posts?