February 28, 2008

An Update

Just in case people haven't heard: I am no longer living in the not-so-great state of Tennessee. It might be apparent that I'm not too sad about this.

I've been at my parents house for almost two weeks, and I'm leaving for Des Moines this weekend. I'll still be working at bath and body works, so I'll have some sort of income. I really would like to find a job in dsm, because I can't really afford to move for awhile now, I've got to take care of the finances I have now before I worry about anything else. However, I haven't had much luck looking in dsm yet; I have, however, interviewed for a agency in the quad cities. It went well, they are going to give me some freelance right now (I'm not sure if it's a test to see how I do, or if they really just had a project they wanted a freelancer to do. Either way, I get paid, so I don't care.) While being at home would be the best financially, because unless things get crazy at home, I'd just live with my parents, and save tons of money. Except I'd be bored out of my mind. Who knows what will happen though. If you hear of design jobs, send them my way!

I also applied for a third time to Invisible Children, this time as a designer. It's a bit of pointless whim, I know they heavily hire from within, but I'm persistent (I like to think.) And I can't afford to move out there unless I have a job, or else I would be a volunteer and get my in. But that's not an option.

Okay, that's enough update for now, because really, nothing all that interesting is happening.

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