December 28, 2007


I have a lot of it right now. I came back to Nashville with way more stuff, new gifts, and stuff that I wasn't able to bring with me on the move down (you can only move so much in a honda civic.) Unfortunately, shortly after I arrived I had to work, which means I just dumped everything in my room out of my car. And then I worked until 4 am. That's right, 4 am. I'm not even going into that one.

Maybe I would get some of it put away yesterday? Nope, I worked all day, and was so tired afterwards, all I could do was eat diner and take some pictures of my prints, some of which are up for sale at Etsy. Today? Working both jobs, and I need to get groceries. Basically, we'll see what happens tonight with all the junk. But I don't see it getting done soon, because even if I could, I'm running out of shelf space. I'll be needing to make a run to salvation army or goodwill and try to find something sweet. And cheap.

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