August 18, 2007

Don't worry I am alive

Because I am certain that everyone was worrying.

Let's just say that the trip thus far has been interesting: To summarize, because I don't feel like going into half of it in tons of detail:

Des Moines to KC:

A good short drive. Tim and I didn't do much, but it still was good. My one goal for the time there was to get some kc barbecue, which we did. It was a lot of meat, but good.

KC to colorado springs:

This is where the fun starts. The car was dead when I got ready to leave Lawrence, I call Tim, we eventually get it jumped. Worried me a little, but I just assumed that I left the broken dome light on, and it drained just enough over two days.

I decided to have my breakfast right after Topeka, at a rest stop. I eat, see some trains, some escorted criminals, and then go back to my car. I know something is wrong when I can't lock the doors, but just hope that it is because of the earlier jump. It wasn't. The car wouldn't start. I made some phone calls, and eventually, call AAA, who sends someone. Long story short, I ended up in Alma, KS, at probably the nicest auto shop owners place ever. So if you ever need a tow in that area, there you go. Fortunately, it wasn't the alternator, it needed a new battery (still not cheap, but not nearly as bad as it could have been.)

So, I eventually make it to Colorado Springs, skipping the sand dunes because I am now running almost three hours later than planned. It was raining when I came in, but I found Allison's with no problem.

Colorado Springs:

I didn't do too much, ran some errands, figured out why my debit card wasn't working, you know, the usual. We went up into the mountains and into the garden of the gods. Made some food, I went to Allison's yoga class, which reaffirmed the knowledge that I am not coordinated nor flexible, but I have a great sense of balance.

Colorado Springs to Moab, UT:

I decided to take Highway 24 part of the way so I could avoid Denver. The best view definitely was at Dickensen Pass, the fog was still holding on to the mountains. Then at about the end of the drive, the oil light flickered on, and then off again. I got on the interstate for the rest of the drive, and it did it again. I had planned to go to the colorado national monument if I got there before three, but I decided not too anyways, just to give me plenty of time to find some sort of campsite.

I finally called my dad when the light started flickering more and staying on. I stopped at the first rest stop in Utah (mind you, this is almost 50 miles in) and put more oil in. While placing the cap back on, I managed to drop the cap into the engine. After sticking my arm in there up past my elbow, I finally felt the cap. But then I nudged it out of my sight and reach. Some nice man finally helped me get it out.

Finally arriving at arches, as I figured it would be, the campground was full. I am actually staying closer to arches entrance then I would be if I was at the park campground. It is along the Colorado, and you can't beat 10$ a night. The view makes me think of the grand canyon. Obviously the Colorado made both, but man, I think this place is huge. I can barely imagine the enormity of the grand canyon.

Today I attempted to wake up early to hike at arches, but it was cloudy, so I was a little slow going. Eventually I got there and I did about a four mile hike in the northern portion. I am planning on going back this evening to do another hike, but I've had to kill time in between, preferably where it is cooler. So I spent a good amount of time at the information center, and charged my cell phone, had lunch, and all that stuff. Now I found the one wireless place in town that isn't a hotel. And there is ac. Wonderful.

Tomorrow I plan to drive to Canyonlands for about half the day, and then come back to arches in the evening. And then I am off to somewhere else. I am thinking of changing my plans, because in all honesty, the car has started to scare me, and while I wasn't worried before about driving on highway 50 in Utah and Nevada, now I am getting a little concerned, so I may alter my tentative course. I shall decide for sure tomorrow.

I am trying to upload pictures, but it is being slow. I will try to upload to flickr. keep in mind, I am still getting used to the new camera. I keep on getting my pictures just ever so slightly blurry. Sigh.


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Andrew said...

Wow this sounds like an epic trip! Hope the car makes all the way. Rosa would be proud.