February 22, 2007

How about an update

e·vent·ful [i-vent-fuhl] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –adjective

1.full of events or incidents, esp. of a striking character: an exciting account of an eventful life.

2.having important issues or results; momentous.

I think this has been my week. Or at least for me it has been eventful. Let's see. I was offered to interview for a job, one that I was certain I could get, within about 13 hours of submitting my resume. Which I then had to turn down very quickly, because they wanted someone immediately, which I, for obvious reasons, cannot do. This was exciting, because it proves that there is hope.

Also, last night, I got to go see Barak Obama. It made me want to register Democrat, just so I can caucus in the fall. Except that registering one or the other goes against the few political morals I have, so I probably should stick to that.

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