January 3, 2007

Summer greetings

Summer greetings from Ghana. Because there is no other season. Just wetter summer and drier summer (or the Hammatan, which is probably not the spelling, is the dry season, meaning everything is dusty from winds from the Sahra.)

But the beach is still lovely. Hopefully we will get to go again today (our plans were uprooted a little by a dentist appointment.)

Yesterday we spent most of the day shopping in Osu. It was strange, because it was with all Drake students, except for Kwesi's cousin. So there are six of us in total. I didn't buy much, a few gifts for people, but we sure were a nice target for begging children, which I don't mind too much until they get grabby. I was digging around my bad for something, and in about two seconds I had about five boys around me, pulling on my. Kwesi was kind enough to get them off of me. (That was the only time it was really bad.)

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