January 7, 2007

Monkeys and waterfalls

On Friday, we took a day trip to the Volta Region. Lake Volta is the largest man-made lake on Earth (oooh, ahhh!) Shortly outside of Accra, we stopped the Shai (pronounced shy) Hills, where our driver Joseph called out to the baboons and we fed them some bread. Nana wanted to climb the hill (aka, a gaint cliff) but we had other stuff to do for the day.

We then continued on, stopping in a small town to get some shrimp for Nana, Kwesi, and Kurt. I had one, but didn't really care for it. Kukoa (Nana's littlest sister) is shocked that I didn't care for the shrimp and wants some of her own. (There was something about eating the shell too that didn't really do it for me.)

Then we stopped at a monkey sanctuary and fed monkey's banana's, which they really do like. A lot. It was a nice hike through the forest.

We then drove on to the Wli waterfalls (I believe that is how it was spelled, Nana isn't here for me to ask.) We had a guide take us there, it was about a 45 minute hike through the forest to get to it. I have pictures of the mountains all around us, I may post later. Just over the mountains is Togo, the next country over. The waterfall comes from a river in the mountains. When we got there, there was a school group of ex-pat girls there, but no one else (they all had brought their swimsuits, and were getting out just as we arrived.) I had considered this, but for some reason taken my suit out of my bag before we left, but Tiff, Kurt, and I still got in. It was freezing, but we figured there aren't a lot of massive waterfalls in the Midwest, so we might as well get in while we could.

Yesterday we drove up into the mountains close to Accra again to go shopping for gifts in Aburi. Tiffany bought enough to feed the village for a month. (I'm not really even exaggerating on that one.) We thought about going out last night, but everyone is pretty broke now, so we didn't. (I've only spent around 100 dollars, but I don't want to go to the atm to get more money unless I have to. Everyone else has spent more. But that happens when you buy a Magnum bar almost every day, like Tiff has, or you pay 100,000 cedis [$1 us dollar=9000 cedis] to get into a club for a half an hour, like Kwesi has.)

So, we have basically four days left. It's gone fast, yet somehow I feel like I've been here forever. The driving no longer freaks me out (gasp!) And, while I thought the first night that I would see a billion accidents, I have yet to see one. Several broken down cars, but no accidents. (Oh, and Dad, I've only seen 12 American cars my entire time here. 12. I asked Nana, I had my theory, but he said "American cars are crap. They break." So there you go.)

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