December 31, 2013

2013 Books

This years book list ended up a little on the short end - let's blame Grad School! Technically, I did read more than this, but I decided not to include any school books on here, even the short ones that would appeal to a wider range of folks (See Generation on a Tightrope). You'll also notice something interesting happened towards the end of the list, lots of book about Orthodox Christianity and marriage. Whoops! Didn't see that coming!

Here's what I read in 2013:

Food, farming, and faith / Gary W. Fick. // Nothing revolutionary, but it was nice to read someone have the same thoughts on food as myself.

Gold diggers: striking it rich in the Klondike / Charlotte Gray // This was a random library find, but ended up be completely fascinating. It also made me feel like a slacker.

Bold Spirit: Helen Eastby's Forgotten Walk Across America / LInda Lawrence Hunt

Prairie Fever: British Aristocrats in the American West / Peter Pagnamenta // I'd hoped to like this as much as the Klondike book, but it was a snooze-fest.

The Winter harvest Handbook / Eliot Coleman // So good. Get if you have any interest in gardening. I don't say that about many gardening books.

The Orchardist / Amanda Choplin // A good, heartbreaking novel. Read it.

The Last American Man / Elizabeth Gilbert 

A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains / Bird

Travels with Charley / John Steinbeck // Steinbeck became my most read novelist this year, though this one isn't a novel. I dare you to read and not get a case of wanderlust.

Facing East / Frederica Mathews-Green 

Eastern Orthodox Christianity / Daniel Clendenin // I'd recommend this book over the Ware book if you have a mild interest in Orthodoxy. A much gentler, accessible intro.

Mastering the Art of Marriage / Fa. Constantine Nasr

The Orthodox Church / Timothy Ware

The Accidental Farmers / Tim Young // And here's my most hated book of the year, in right before the New Year!

*I've also included a few Amazon Affiliate links, but only to the books I really, truly enjoyed.

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