March 24, 2013

Bozeman vs. Des Moines, Part Deux

Bozeman: Montana has the 2nd highest brewery per capita in the nation (I think that's the right stat.)
Des Moines: Peace Tree. And way lots more bars not filled with college students.

I suppose I'm comparing two different things here. I love all the craft and local brews in Bozeman and in Montana. Every bar has something local on tap, and there are two brewery tasting rooms within walking distance of my house. I don't think I ever went to a brewery in Des Moines (though apparently in the mere eight months I've been gone, at least two have opened up.) I'm sure there are a few, I just never went.

But, I like the bars more in Des Moines - primarily the ones with patios - El Bait Shop and in between the Royal Mile and the Muse. Or The Lift. There's more, though then I get in to restaurant range (The Continental, for example) and then things really start to get confusing. It just seems much more casual in Des Moines, and much more college student filled in Bozeman. I just haven't found a bar that I would want to hang in for very long, minus trivia night at Colonel Black's, but that's really just because I'm a nerd.

Winner: Beer - Bozeman, Bars - Des Moines

Coffee Shops:
Bozeman: Lots. And home of way too many drive through stands in parking lots.
Des Moines: Mars Cafe. Need I say more?

This is actually a hard one for me to judge - I rarely drink coffee. So I have to judge more on atmosphere, and what I do more frequently drink: Chai lattes. The Rockford here in Bozeman has amazing Chais. And I like Zocalo a lot, primarily because they do something human right related with money (clearly, this is very important to me.)

But I miss Mars and Zanzibars. Mars is one of the few places I will actually get something coffee based on occasion.

Here's what my Bozeman friends on Facebook said (minus Jill, who was confused.)

Winner: Seriously, don't ask me.

Music Scene:
Bozeman: If you like bluegrass/folk, there's something for you (which, I do.)
Des Moines: There's venues! And some national acts!

I never thought I'd tire of bluegrassy/folk music, but if I stayed in Bozeman, I could see it happening. But we do have this great event every Thursday during the summer called Music on Main. Main Street shuts down in the evening, and there's a different band playing every week. (And free beer, if that's your thing.) I'm looking forward to that once summer is finally here again.

Des Moines can actually attract some decent bands, and some really big shows too. I was always too cheap to go to most of it, but I did listen to Spoon once from my porch. I think the biggest thing here has been Yonder Mountain (hey look, another bluegrass-y band!) Not that there's a problem with that.

Winner: Des Moines

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