November 2, 2012

Two Completely Unrelated Things.

I received the cutest birthday gift in the mail today.

It's a fake piece of cake. Amazing.

The best part is, this is literally how it was mailed. No box, just one side stamped.

In unrelated facts about Montana: it is expensive to buy a house here. As in, the state as a whole, but even more-so in the Bozeman area. Not that I'm anywhere near buying a house. But it does cross my mind, especially when I'm feeling rather, how do I say it...directionless? in my life.

A house that I really want in Des Moines:

Just down the street from my old house. Big yard, garage (a rare thing in Sherman Hill,) a shed, two beds and one bath. All for $100,000. It's a little cozy square foot wise, but trust me, after this apartment, I wouldn't mind. It really is a super cute house.

You know what $100,000 could get me in Bozeman?

Well as far as I can tell, nothing. If I get outside of Bozeman, I may find something close to what I could afford, like this place for $145,000. (I'd do that.)

But actually in town? The best I could find was this condo at $119,000.

Uh. No thanks.

So for those of you who are worried that I might just stay in Montana forever: Don't worry too much. I don't want to rent the rest of my life. And unless I meet a rich cowboy real soon, I won't be able to afford anything but rent.

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