December 8, 2011


                                         Source: via Liz on Pinterest

I haven't had a car for 8 months now. It's been fine. I was driving it so little, with working downtown, that it was more work to make sure it was moved frequently enough. I've enjoyed saving the money. Sure, I've had to plan more for groceries, and occasionally work the bus system, but it's worked. I really want to make it to a full year without a car.

However, with the onset of winter, it's not nearly as easy to just hop on my bike to get groceries. There are some crazy people who ride year round in Iowa. I'll ride for quite sometime, but once it's under forty degrees, I call it quits. I'll still walk, but that make grocery runs just that much slower. Additionally, it's putting a cramp in my volunteering with a nearby camp during the school year. It's hard to make the forty minute drive without a car, and I really want to be volunteering more with them.

Anyway, the last few days I've been pursuing cars. I might have a major need for one in February, and I've found several that I like and that are within my budget. But then, I think about the digging and scrapping and how little I will actually use it this winter, except for a jaunt home, a drive to the camp, or a drive for a couple of Grad School interviews, it hardly seems worth it.

Coupled with needing to save every penny for grad school, and really being picky on what I want, compounded with insisting on low MPG, I basically end up at a stalemate. I shall continue with no car until something changes. 

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