May 6, 2011

Dates I Could Be Taking 1: Farmer's Market & Tulip Time

[This post goes out to Keith, Dawniece & Allison. All my best blogging ideas come from them. I was saying how I keep on coming up with great date ideas and I have no use for them, so I'm sharing. Also, the suggestion was made to make it a whole blog in itself. But that would require me to actually post...which isn't my strong point, but it would make a nice lil' tumblr. I'm open to the idea if I keep on coming up with good dates that I think people should take, because I'm certainly not taking them.]

This weekend is the opening of the Downtown Farmer's Market in Des Moines and the weather should be perfect. Have an early Saturday date! I'd get up early to beat the crowd, grab some breakfast. After that, hang out, shop, talk to vendors, sample some tasty food. If you're feeling real leisurely after that, get in to some of your food & listen to one of the bands play.

The Farmer's Market might be one of my favorite things in Des Moines, but if that wasn't enough for a Saturday date, I'd follow up the Farmer's Market with a trip to Pella for Tulip Time. There should be no problem making it to Pella in time for the parade.

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