July 6, 2010

A Belated 4th of July

My long weekend was relatively uneventful, but I did take some photos that range from "meh" to midly interesting.

I took a few firework shots on Thursday night of the Yankee Doodle Pops fireworks, from my roommate's work's rooftop:




I probably should have left the shutter open longer, but for a first go, I'm fine with these.

After the fireworks thing got really interesting. We were standing on the roof, talking with some new friends who had snuck up their too, when over their shoulders I noticed a large, black plume of smoke coming from behind a building or so away. As we looked below, we could see the orange flickering glow of a fire. Naturally we all had to investigate further, so we left the roof, to find two cars engulfed in flames. I took some photos of that too, because it was just that insane.





The next day I took some not that great photos of the Des Moines river (because it's flooded, and looks cool) and of the new pedestrian bridge.



I'm going to try those photos in black and white later.

I'd say this weekend could be summed up as such: fireworks, fire, and flood.


Anonymous said...

I walked across the new bridge and along 2nd the next day. I wondered what those scorch marks on the road were from. There were clearly two spots where the asphalt had literally burned.

Liz said...

And now you know!