November 18, 2009

Twitter, You've Ruined Me

I suppose it isn't fair to blame an inanimate object for my inadequacies, let alone a web program. But it is so much easier. Here's what I mean:

I try to think of content for this blog, and all I can come up with is roughly 140 character's worth of thought.

Seriously, everything other than the Feature Friday's, only comes out as 140 character snippets. Which then don't seem like posting.

For Example:

Nine or so trees in a yard makes for a lot of leaves that need raking.

Should I go with Zenfolio or with Flickr for photos? Zenfolio: more professional, but more expensive for less; Flickr more "social networking" but doesn't have the ordering prowess of Zenfolio. (Oh, that might have been more than 140! Yes!)

Anyway, that is part of the reason for the infrequent updates. That, and my life is consumed with novel writing and prepping for Market Day. But I'll blame Twitter.


ocasiocasa said...

that's so funny...I know exactly what you mean. Pictures are nice, though, and are good for 1,000 words:) Never heard of Zenfolio; will certainly look into it---thanks.

Liz said...

Yeah, Zenfolio, at least I would say is for people who want to easily sell their photos. I would love to, but I'm a little low on the cash fund. I can do pretty much everything I want for cheaper with Flickr. Once I get a more established photography income, I'd be more than overjoyed to use Zenfolio.

Fernanda Frick said...

Hahaha, Twitter has ruined me in a sense of being used to ramble about things that nobody cares about xD is like someones listening hahaa.

Liz said...

Yes. That too!