October 2, 2009

Feature Friday: Beth Bee

For this Feature Friday, we're hopping on over to Beth Bee. This is also the first shop I've featured that I've actually made a purchase from.

A few months ago, I was attempting to keep better track of my address, phone numbers, etc, instead of always having to call my parents for them, or just keeping everything in my cell phone (because that can end, really, really badly.)

And I stumbled upong this:

{Mine doesn't have cool planes on it, but it does have something else. I just forget what.}

Beth Bee, out of Oregon, does all sorts of printing on board books.

{Veggie friends, I have something for you!}

Her tag line is "A little press with little books" which I think is quite accurate. Besides being really nice, and cute, I love how functional things are. The address book is easy to order, and rearrange. I can keep peoples info in there, I can tape in business cards. If things get full, I can add more paper, and buy larger rings to expand it.

You can check out Beth Bee here on Etsy, or check out her website for more.

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