September 8, 2009

The Gateway Church Trailer

(Note, this probably won't be of interest to most of you. Sorry.)

Anyway, through a strange turn of events, that I won't go into here, I've started going to this new church in Des Moines, called the Gateway Church. It officially starts next Sunday the 13th of September. Even if you aren't into church, I think this promo video is really beautiful. (Then again, I get excited about most HD video. It still surprises me. I'm easily entertained, I guess.)

Aggghhh! And somehow I made it in the video. That was NOT in the plan. Anyway, I thought I'd get working on posting, and this is what's going on in my life.

Oh, and if you are in Des Moines, and you want free coffee on Friday, go to the Village Bean in the East Village. The Gateway Church is buying for everyone, no strings attached.


J-Mi said...

That is a pretty video! congrats on your new church. I hope it turns out to be awesome for you.

p.s. New blog look? I like it. :)

Liz said...

Thanks. And thanks to Labor day weekend for giving me tons of free time to do it ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I made the web site, sporting a hairdo I no longer... do.