September 11, 2009

Feature Friday: Gypsy Eye

Hey, it's Friday! And it should have been an easy week, seeing as if you are in the US (and Canada?) you got a short weekly, likely. I'm also excited, because I get a short week next week too, because I'm taking Friday off for my dear friend Rachel's wedding back home.

But back to it being Friday of this week. This is the first of something I'd like to do once a week (on Friday's!) inspired by Follow Friday on Twitter. Instead of me suggesting people to "follow" I'll feature someone who crafts/handmakes stuff that I like. Maybe I'll interview them. Maybe I'll actually have bought their stuff. Maybe I'll just put up photos and talk how I like stuff. Who knows, I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of gal.

This weeks feature is Gypsy Eye Studio. Kristy happens to be on Etsy Owls Street Team so that's how I found this shop. The team has started work on Halloween items, and I absolutely loved Kristy's:

It's a wreath for Halloween! Isn't that so cool? I thought it was a painting at first, because of the cropping. Unfortunately, (well, except for Gypsy Eye + whomever bought it) this was already sold, so all we can do is look at the pictures. Too bad, because I have a creepy old house that is going to be a blast come Halloween.

Okay, now for some "interview" type things:

Tell us about yourself, name, location, what have you!
My name is Kristy Kroth-Hoops, I currently live in Lebanon, OH (which is kind of between Cincinnati and Dayton). I am married to the front man of My Latex Brain, and am at risk of becoming the weird cat lady with the four the I have right now. 

Oh, a potential cat lady-friend. I don't even have any cats and I think I'm running the risk too, oddly enough. But don't worry, I'm pretty sure having a husband negates the cat-ladyness.

What inspires you?
I find a ton of inspiration from black and white horror films. I grew up watching them and between costuming and atmosphere I have been able to incorporate a lot of the classic styling within my work. Art Deco and Art Nouveau design and advertising have had a lot of influence on my work as well. 

Oh, this is pretty. Gypsy Eye has all sorts of beautiful flower hair pieces. If I was the sort of girl who could wear these, I would. In retrospect, with my bangs down, I think I could. Crum, now there is another item to add to my wish list.

How did you get into crafting?
Ever since my early teens I have been crafting. I was always on the search for weird and unusual. I realized that I was able to have the most unique items, that I really was in to if I just created them myself.

What do you do for your full time job?
I am a kitchen manager of a restaurant.

And now for my favorite question, and clearly the most important: Would you rather have a peg leg or a hook hand? 
Peg Leg all the way. As long as I still had my hands to create I would be perfectly content .

Nice answer (and not just because you chose a peg leg.)*

I've been really into yellow recently, and this is beautiful.

And lastly, what are the last five songs played in your itunes?
Bela Lugosi's Dead- Bauhaus
Marion- Sisters of Mercy
Ziggy Stardust- David Bowie
Love will Tear us Apart- Joy Division
Dissolve- Switchblade Symphony

Just kidding, one more! You have a wide variety of products in your shop, is there something you like to do more than the other?
It comes in phases with me. But right now I have been really into making the collage pins.

So that is Kristy from Gypsy Eye Studio! You can follow her on Twitter or find her blog here. A big round of applause to my first victim feature!

Question on format: Interview questions--yea or neigh?

*I have a theory that peg leg is always a better option. It rarely fails me.


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