June 19, 2008

non-related thoughts

New music (that I've acquired within the last month):

1. Johnny Cash-Greatest Hits
2. Nat King Cole
3. Phantom Planet
4. Three different Spoon CD's
5. Dave Barnes
6. Cold War Kids
7. Sufjan Stevens-Seven Swans
8. The New Pornographers-Challengers
9. Nada Surf (still haven't listened to it)

I love how none of these are really new, the Barnes cd is newish, but other than that, the New Pornographers is the only released even within the last year. I've really loved them all, except for the Dave Barnes. Oh well.


I need to change things. Unfortunately, I am incredibly lazy. I was going to say that I hate change, but that's not true, I don't hate change, I am just very lazy.


My eyes have been very tired lately, which makes me very tired, very early. This would be unfortunate, except I don't have much of any evening life that I am missing out upon by getting sleepy early.


People I miss:

1. Christine (lurve you!)
2. Allison (you will forever will be my favorite random friend..which makes it even more strange that I miss you!)
3. Ben (but I will see you soon and there will be adventures!)
4. My sister Em (I am really excited to put you down as my emergency contact)
5. Katie (sure, we aren't so good at calling, but i still miss you)
6. David (okay, I never said good-bye, but I tried, I really did.)
7. Kristin (can I hear of your awkward adventures soon?)

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