August 29, 2007

You're killing me, Wyoming.

There are several things that happen when you spend three weeks more or less by of them is talking to/at everything. Animate object, people, inanimate objects...And thus, during my incredlibly long journey across wyoming today, I found myself shouting at a state.

Wyoming may be a nice state, and have some lovely things to see, but oh my, if you need to get through it in a hurry, it's a killer. It took me about 8 hours, roughly, with a few stops, and a decent amount of construction. And it made the car act weird. Well, Wyoming probably didn't, but I need a scapegoat, and Wyoming works well for that.

On other news, I am back in the midwest...woohoo for south dakota. Now only if I can get the car working, I will make it back to dsm/quad cities eventually.

Also, now that I have internet, I just found out I was accepted to volunteer for the AIGA design conference in early October. So I'm coming back to mountains soon! This is really awesome, because there is no way on earth I could afford this conference normally, so now I can go on another "vacation" for pretty darn cheap again. Now to find some form of employment...or I could just take a super extended vacation.

Well, it has been a long day, so I'm going to finish a few things up while I have the internet. Sorry to all those who have been trying to call, I haven't had cell phone reception since Montana. I promise I will call when I have reception again.

Peace, yo!

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