August 26, 2007

Sleepless in Seattle

It's about midnight here. I actually am tired, but thought I should make some sort of update because apparently a few people have been keeping tabs on me...awwww...

Anyways, Seattle has been pretty great. Today we went a whole bunch of places, several of which are recognizable if you've ever seen "10 things I hate about you."--namely a park and the random troll under the bridge. I barely remembered the troll, but anyway, it was really random. Apparently, that area didn't feel like it had any sort of community, and had a contest for an art piece to bring the community together. And the troll under the bridge won. Whatever...not what I would have chosen, but I don't live there. I have pictures, but I haven't uploaded them. But I will.

When it got a little warmer out we went kayaking, which I must say, is probably one of the cooler things I've done on this trip. And for a double boat, how long we went, and with a "student" discount, it cost somewhere around 24 dollars I think, which isn't bad at all. And it was a lot of fun.

I like the pac northwest. But it is a very strange area. Sometimes I think I like it, and then sometimes I am just in awe in it's weirdness. I love all the things to do here, places to go, things to see, but at the same time, I like smaller towns, a little less in the way of crowds. Plus, in bigger cities there is more of a homeless "problem." It is harder to ignore here, even though that's probably what people end up doing more. We saw so many just walking around last night. And I really wanted to give one of them the left over food I had from the restaurant we went to, it just felt wrong walking around with more food than I could eat that night when they had nothing. But it was an expensive meal, and Katie paid for it...and for unlimited excuses, I didn't.

Which leads me to jobs. I have finally started searching. Sort of. I joined AIGA today, which was expensive, but even within the day, their job database has been really helpful. I have saved I think about six jobs that I could apply for. A few in the pac northwest, one near Chicago and the other two in Minneapolis. I have to do some work before I can apply, but it is some sort of start. I am going to try to volunteer for the AIGA conference, which turns out is in october...but it is a really good opportunity, and it isn't too hard for me to get to Denver. And with some help from Allison (wink wink) I could probably land a place to stay. But I need to get on that one.

Okay, I think that is all for now. I'll update with some pictures in the next few days perhaps. We'll see.

I miss folks in Dsm. I wish I was going back to school.

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