January 19, 2007

Adventures in Awkwardness...

That would be a great paper title for my semester long project, eh? And could be amazing for my publication design class. Think of all the pictures. The content would be something like the following:

Girl goes to visit Guy friend who she enjoys immensely. Having planned events the night before, no calling was needed, right? WRONG!

Girl walks into to Guys apartment to find Guy, ex-Guy, and two other non-capitalized guys having serious talk. Nervous giggles ensue. Girl changes shoes, and says bye to all GUYS.


Girl gets lunch at campus location. Girl goes for a straw for her chocolate milk at the same time as unknown guy. Girl and unknown guy fumble over straws. Girl eventually gets a straw then awkwardly drops it into her milk. This straw still has the paper on it.

Rinse, repeat scenario in a variety of situations, maybe changing a few characters, locations, events...totally a piece worth writing.

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