December 9, 2006

A thought...

I laid in bed the other night, flipping through channels, hoping to find something with a neutral enough sound to sleep to. I usually end up falling asleep to some home improvement show, but for some reason, I landed on CNN. I don’t even like to watch the news, but that’s what I ended up watching.

I just happened to start watching when they found Kati Kim and her family. I didn’t really even know they were in the news. I had heard something about some family lost in Oregon. But as I watched, suddenly, I couldn’t peel my eyes off of the T.V. The father had set out on his own to find help. Help was there. But he was not.

Suddenly, this story became mine. For the next few days, I would check the news, wondering if they had found him yet. The mere thought of what the family had gone through made me want to cry. And then they did find him, frozen on the ground. And I still kept on following the story.

I read this one article that said on one particular day, before they found James Kim, while the War in Iraq was under investigation, and the senate was arguing over something or other, there were more hits on stories about the Kim family than anything else. Something in their story gripped more than me, it gripped an entire nation according to the story, offering no explanations.

I wept for this family. A family I had never met. I do not weep. But I wept for them. I wept for the hero we all wish to see, and wish to be for our families. When nothing seems right, and no one can agree on the course for a nation, or anything in particular, something did seem so right, and great in that one man, setting out in the woods against innumerable odds. In James Kim, we saw a greatness we all long for.

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